• The Institute of environmental engineering was established in 2005. There are five undergraduate specialties: environmental engineering, environmental science, bioengineering, building environment and energy application engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering. Among them, environmental engineering is the key and characteristic discipline in Hubei Province, ranking the first among provincial university in Hubei. Building environment and energy application engineering is the brand specialty of Hubei province. Environmental Science and engineering have first-level master degree.

    Institute is based on engineering discipline, takes theoretical research and engineering application as the dominant, and has many provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms including "Engineering Research Center for Clean Production of Textile Dyeing and Printing, Ministry of Education" and "Hubei Cooperative Innovation Center for Key Technology of Ecological Ramie Industry ". The teacher team is powerful, presided over 7 projects from “863” national project and “national support” program, and more than 20 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Hubei province key technology and development program, won 5 awards including “the first prize of Hubei science and technology progress” and “the first prize of “samp” textile technology progress”, and obtained second prize of national science, technology and invention. The teaching team is outstanding, the subject characteristics are distinct, the students' training level has won new heights, and the results are impressive. The professional student associations "green environmental protection association" and "Three Dimensional Design Association" have won "the top 100 national clubs" for ten years. The student team won a number of awards such as second prize of national "challenge cup" and other national highest awards. The undergraduates published more than 40 SCI papers. Students' employment and examination are the best among the school.


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